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The picturesque location on a hill village Montuiri is one of the oldest places on Mallorca. The approximately 3000 inhabitants village lies almost in the center of the Llanura del Centro, about 30 km east of Palma.
Montuiri Immobilien wie Fincas, Grundstücke, Landhotels oder Dorfhäuser
  • Montuiri Immobilien wie Fincas, Grundstücke, Landhotels oder Dorfhäuser
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30 km from Palma, in the center of Majorca is Montuiri. The calm and quite original preserved village with his typically majorcan old townhouses and 2,800 inhabitants, some of the sights: the parish church of Sant Bartomeu in the 14th Century as well as the many old windmills scattered around the village around and testify that there is a lot of grain was ground. The poor condition of the old windmills here is improving slowly in part thanks to the local policy that makes for some years by various organizations, their support for the renovation work. The market takes place in Montuiri Monday morning. The main festivals are the Romeria on the first Tuesday after Easter, summer parties on 15 August and Procession of Corpus after Ascension. San Bartolome, the patron saint Montuiris is the big 24th August every year. With all the festivities that take place in Montuiri, never missing the "Cossiers", the magnificent colored dancers should come from Montuiri even. Montuiri on the first Sunday in December, the Fira de Sa Perdiu celebrated, meaning in German as much as Partridge Fair. At the center of Fira de Sa Perdiu is an exhibition of partridges, and a competition that will be presented at the partridges as decoys for hunting. Montuïri is one of the oldest villages of Mallorca. Among Arabs it formed one of the twelve districts in which the former was divided Mayurqa. Montuïri fell, like the rest of the island. After the Catalan conquest in the land allocation plan (Llibre de Repartiment of 1232), after the Conqueror King James I parceled out the land and awarded to his nobles and faithful knight In 1300 James II then handed the place their own rights and it was designed a first, rectangular center which adjoins the mill district. The 8 mills of Molinar, which have survived today, have shaped the local profile. Its stone towers that used the wind as an energy source, are a living testimony of a dependent nature of soil and past. Over the centuries, there were new places and ways, but the medieval structure has remained visible today. The crisis years of the island in the 14th and 15 Century also went to Montuïri past unscathed. Later, in the 18th Century is, again due to the devastating drought and plague a population loss. Under the Franco regime disappeared the cultural and political dynamism of the Republican era and the National Catholicism after the war, the church became the dominant element in the social and cultural life in the community. The portfolio of AM Real Estate Mallorca are offered a variety of properties in the area of Montuiri. For sale are Village houses with romantic patios, plots land with building permission, to renovate townhouses, apartments as well as commercial properties such as hotels and restaurants as buying property or even for long term rental. Important addresses and phone numbers: Town Hall / Ayuntamiento: Plaça Major, 1 07230 Montuïri Phone: 971-644125/47 - Fax: 971-646310 Pharmacy: Pharmacy Servera Calle Mayor 42 07230 Montuïri Local Police - Montuïri Plaza Mayor 1 07230 Montuïri